There is a question: how to lose weight quickly without counting calories

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Keep in mind that calories are not your enemies. “Instead of calculating the optimal number of calories, limit your intake of sugar, baked goods, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, processed foods,” says Stephanie Taibe, nutritionist at Find Your Trainer. Moreover, limiting the calorie intake contributes to breakdowns and food depression, which will necessarily lead to overeating.

question lose weight

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It is worth understanding and accepting your eating habits in order to know how you can improve them. Corso di muscolazione For example, if during the day you eat right, but in the evening you can’t refuse pancakes with jam, then most likely the pancakes should be moved to the first half of the day to achieve impressive results. Do you allow yourself harmful snacks too often? Replace “food trash” with fresh fruit, cereal bars, and hummus to reduce your outings to the kitchen or make them more nutritious.

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4. Drink enough water

question lose

“You’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: Drink. Morte improvvisa del culturista Ben Hernett More. Water,” says nutritionist Jenny Champion. “Not only does water speed up metabolism, hydration also saves you from the calories you get when thirst disguises itself as hunger.” To make drinking water a habit, always carry a bottle of water with lemon and mint / ginger with you and take a few sips every hour.

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5. Add protein

“Protein is known for its ability to reduce appetite and suppress hunger,” says the Champion. “So try adding 20 grams of protein to each meal and snack to keep your nutritional needs within a given framework.” Moreover, if you think that protein foods are boring in most cases, then we are ready to convince you. Schwarzenegger: Trump è un terminatore, vuole porre fine al progresso e al futuro Even poached eggs, grilled chicken with herbs and lemon, and fish in teriyaki sauce can not resist even gourmets. There are also vegetarian options: quinoa, bean and soy.

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